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1. Fraud Alert


ABCI Securities (“ABCIS”) has recently noticed the existence of scams which intended to impersonate ABCIS/ABC International group and implement fraud by promoting counterfeit investment services and products via social media, live stream broadcasting, instant messaging groups, bogus mobile apps (such as Lingjiu Index Visual Analysis農銀創配) and websites. ABCIS hereby reminds our clients and the public that:-


i) The official website of ABCIS is https://sec.abci.com.hk/. Our Client Service hotline is +852 2147-8836 and 400120-8966 (the China toll-free number). ABCIS has developed three official mobile apps only, including “ABCI Securities”, "ABCIS Token" and "农证全球通".  Other than the above official channels, any websites, applications, Wechat groups, QQ groups, customer hotlines, SMS or e-mails that claimed to represent ABCIS are not authorized by ABCIS and the information sent to the investors thereby or mentioned therein may be false and fraudulent. ABCIS reserves the right to pursue legal actions against such entities or individuals.


ii) ABCIS has been operating its business strictly in compliance with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements. It is hereby strongly suggested that the investors shall stay alert on the authenticity and reliability of information mentioned in any applications, websites, QR codes, social media accounts, live stream broadcasting accounts and customer hotlines that are claimed to be related to ABCIS/ABC International group, and that no personal information shall be disclosed, nor payment be transferred, nor transactions be effected from online platforms without carefully verifying the identity of the counterparty. Should any investor wish to know more about any product or service of ABCIS, he/she is advised to visit our official website or applications for more information, or to contact our Client Service representatives at +852 2147-8836 or the China toll-free number at 400120-8966 during office hours.



2. Hong Kong Investor Identification Regime (HKIDR)


ABCI Securities (“ABCIS”) reminds customer to complete “Consent Under the Hong Kong Investor Identification Regime (HKIDR) and Over-the-Counter Securities Transactions Reporting Regime (OTCR).


If you do not give your express consent, pursuant to the relevant rules and regulations, we will only be able to effect for your sell orders or trades in respect of your existing holdings of listed securities (but not buy orders or trades), and transfer of shares out of and withdraw of physical share certificates from (but not transfer of shares or deposit of physical share certificates) your account.


Should you have any query regarding the above, please contact your sales representative, account executive or our customer service hotline at (852) 2147 8836.



3. Revision of Northbound Stamp Duty and Handling Fee


Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) and Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE) announced on 18 August 2023 (Friday) to lower the handling fee for A shares on SSE and SZSE from 0.00487% to 0.00341% of the consideration of each transaction per side, effective from 28 August 2023 (Monday). This revision of handling fee also applies to Northbound Trading under Stock Connect.


Ministry of Finance of the People's Republic of China and State Taxation Administration announced on 27 August 2023 (Sunday) to lower the stamp duty for A shares on SSE and SZSE from 0.1% to 0.05% of the consideration of each transaction on the seller, effective from 28 August 2023 (Monday). This revision of stamp duty also applies to Northbound Trading under Stock Connect.



4. Change of Prime Rate and Deposit Rate


With effect from 28 July 2023, our Company HKD prime rate has raised to 5.875% p.a. and HKD savings deposit rate for the amount exceeding HKD3,000,000 has raised to 0.875% p.a. 

US Dollar prime rate has raised to 7.75% p.a. and US Dollar savings deposit rate for the amount exceeding USD385,000 at 1.000% p.a



5. Stock Exchange Trading Fee


With effect from 1 January 2023, the Stock Exchange Trading Fee will be increased from 0.005% to 0.00565% (rounded to the nearest cent).


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