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Fund Deposit


After depositing the money, please write down the name and account number on the deposit advice and fax to (852) 2868-0320 or email to settlement@abci.com.hk on or before 5 pm. For the deposit amount less than HK$ 200,000, client can call our deposit hotline at (852) 2147-8868 to confirm the details. Any deposit advice received after 5 pm will be handled on next working day. Client must provide fund deposit slip/ remittance advice if the fund deposit amount exceeds HKD200,000.00 or equivalent; If the deposit is made by cheque, a signed cheque copy must also be provided.

Access via Our Office

Client can submit cheque to our Settlement Department in person before 12:00 noon on business day. Cheque received afterward will be handled on next business day.

Fund Withdrawal

Clients may call the Account Executive or Deposit Hotline at 2147-8868 for requesting fund withdrawal. Instruction received after 11:00 am will be processed on the next business day. All funds will be deposited to your designated bank account by crossed cheque if no specification.

Third Party Deposit / Withdrawal

Company only accepts fund movement between the account holder’s own bank account (for corporate client, including the bank account of the sole shareholder who directly and wholly owns the company). Upon client’s request and under special circumstance, we may consider to accept fund movement between third party’s bank account, given that the account holder providing supporting document showing that the third party is the immediate family member of the account holder.

For client’s deposit which does not fulfil the above requirement, Company reserves the right to reject such deposit and return the fund to the originated bank account, all finance charges are borne by the remitter.

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